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Facial Treatment Menu

Custom European Facial – This relaxing, luxurious service includes two cleansings, gentle exfoliation, steam, extractions as needed, facial mask specific to clients skin type, hydration plus eye cream application. This facial will rejuvenate your skin, bringing back a healthy, youthful glow and is customized for all skin types/issues.

Anti-Aging Facial – As we mature, it takes longer for new skin cells to rise to the top and replace the dead ones. The visual evidence is dry skin, wrinkles and age spots. Let our estheticians turn back the clock with an anti-aging facial. The process includes a skin cleansing of the dead cells, a skin analysis, exfoliation, blackhead extraction, face massage, and finally a facial mask targeted to your specific needs.

Back Facial – If you want to remove “bacne” and other blemishes from your back, book a back facial session. We begin by applying a gel cleanser and tea tree toner, followed by black / white head extraction. We then use a high frequency machine to quicken the healing and disinfect before applying a custom mask to your back, full of serums, oil moisturizers and redness-reducing spot treatments.

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Face Peels

Glycol Peel – This chemical peel stimulates exfoliation from the inside out using alpha hydroxy acids. This peel dissolves the bonds holding dead skin cells to healthy ones, while promoting the growth of new cells.

Enzyme Peel – This peel uses the enzymes found in a variety of fruit extracts, including papayas and pineapples. The Enzyme peel breaks down proteins in your skin, making it soft and supple. The process also breaks down some dead skin cells.

Peel with Facial – As the name suggests, we begin with either an Enzyme or Glycolic Peel. Our esthetician then enhance your rejuvenated face with a Custom European Facial.

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Peel Pricing

  • Chemical Peel — $50
  • Peel w/ Facial — $75