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Simple ways to beat the blues

Simple ways to beat the blues

Have you ever had one of those days  when you just feel down in the dumps. Sometimes you know why, other times it can come out of nowhere. However or whenever these blue days come, it can make the day seem like a struggle to get through. You may find yourself watching the clock and waiting  to go home, time seems to drag on.  You’re just feeling out of sorts.

There are countless ways to beat the blues, here are 10 of our favorites:

  1. Reach out. When you feel low, it can seem like no one cares. When you feel down in the dumps, it changes how you perceive others in your life. Take a moment to reach out to those closest to you.  Interacting with people, will help you feel less alone.
  2. Take stock of your life.  Think about positive relationships in your life.  Dream about the future. Think of positive memories and adventures.
  3. Do something good for your body. Eat a healthy meal, do a few minutes of yoga, take a walk, and drink some water. Getting a massage is also a great option.
  4. Express yourself. Write in your journal, sketch, paint, or color in a coloring book. Dance and sing a song! Allow your feelings to come out and don’t analyze them. Just be yourself.
  5. Distraction. Get involved in something that takes all of your attention. A movie, show, color in a coloring book.
  6. Get outside. Being out in the air and sun has an amazing effect on mood. Being outside for just ten minutes can altar your mood significantly.
  7. Take a shower or a bath. Especially with bubbles and floral scents.
  8. Fake a laugh. This is especially effective when doing it alongside children. In most cases, faking a laugh will turn into a true laugh. If this is too difficult, find a comedian on YouTube and laugh for real.
  9. Stretch for 3 minutes. Stretch every part of your body, working from your toes up towards your head. Take deep breaths.
  10. Remember the last time you felt wonderful. Close your eyes and think about the last time you felt great. Where were you? Who was with you? What were you doing? Put as much detail into your memory as you can, including what you felt, tasted, heard, smelled, and saw. Take a few minutes to enjoy that memory.


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